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Illustration: Little Black Earrings

Little Black Earrings

You are smiling confidently in the hall of a theater. Under the night lights, the black crystals move freely in your ears. It wasn't even an hour ago that you showered, dried your hair, and stood in front of your wardrobe uncertain of what to wear. more


“I'd pretty much given up wearing earrings after I developed this weird nickel allergy. They sell nickel-free earrings at the drug store, but they come in like 3 (pretty boring) styles. So I'm glad to see there is getting to be more of a fashionable selection out there for us sensitive types.”
“Zevaa is incredible. I have an allergic reaction to anything that isn't yellow gold, doesn't matter how "nickel-free" it claims to be. But these earrings are no problem for me! I was so excited to find out I could finally have some gorgeous earrings without breaking out with itchy ear lobes.”
Sarah Fruchtnicht
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